TITAN FlexiLine Standard Tri Axle Kit - 6500mm LeadLine

Kit consists of the following:

  • 1 x 6500mm FlexiLine®
  • 3 x 600mm FlexiLine®
  • 2 x 1320mm FlexiLine®
  • 3 x 2000mm FlexiLine®
  • 1 x T-Piece
  • 2 x 4 Way Block

Product Details / Specs

TITAN FlexiLine® Kit offers extended life and durability that outlast conventional steel brake tubing due to its flexibility and elimination of end fitting fatigue.

TITAN FlexiLine® Kit has less joins than traditional steel tubing (less brass joiner and tow less flared fittings per extension).

With TITAN FlexiLine® Kit just add a loop and you’re done.
Installation is a breeze.  Just manually feed the TITAN FlexiLine® down the box chassis or frame and screw into the T-Piece or caliper.  Easy! That’s TITAN Trailer Brakes.

TITAN FlexiLine® is manufacture from tested inner flexible material with a UV stabilized outer polymer coating to give high durability and resistance to the tough environment it has to work in.

TITAN FlexiLine® does not use stainless steel inner braid as test have shown that in some instances the sharp ends of the cut braid may penetrate the inner tube and cause leaks.

TITAN FlexiLine® complies with the following hydraulic brake line standards.  Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No 106 (FMVSS106)

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Product Code: FL2093-003
Price: $396.90