Piping Tube Nuts

Brass T-Fitting

Used for fitting Hyraulic Line from Master cylinder to two calipers

Item CodeBB530
Brass Joiner

Brass Joiner for 3/16” inverted flare nut when joining 3/16” hydraulic tubing, bundy steel or stainless steel tubing.

Item CodeBB58U
90 Stainless Steel Rotating

Used for fitting flexible hose to caliper when room is tight. Brass fitting

Item CodeBB529B
Brass Multi-Block 4 Port
Ideal for installing dual and triple axle brake callipers. Faster installation and less fittings.
Item CodeBB528
3/16" Inverted Flare Nuts - Short Brass

3/16” Inverted Flare Nuts for hydraulic tube ends. For fitting to double inverted flare tubing. Available in brass  Long nuts are for master cylinder entry Short nuts are for tube and T-Piece use

Item CodeBB58