Having problems enjoying your caravanning?

Just don’t enjoy levelling the van when you get there?

Don’t like squatting, bending, straining, lifting or hurting your frozen shoulder?

Would like to easily level your van quickly and without any more fuss….and just relax!

In the unlikely event that you have to change a wheel. Not with your wireless remote control. Just jack the van up and it’s ready


Our NEW TITAN BIGFOOT Eze Flip Foot hydraulic levelling system can solve your woes!


On arrival just use your wireless remote panel and the levelling system will help you do it all. Will even level so that the oil in the pan will be level. How good is that?

Hate sleeping in an un-level van? Just lean over and select the jack you want on your wireless remote and it’s done. No going outside in the rain anymore.



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Product Code: LVL-EZI-12
Price: $3410.00 inc gst