Brakerite Electro/Hydraulic Actuator

Is Your Trailer over 2000kgs?

Titan Trailer Brakes brings you the BrakeRite electro/hydraulic brake controller for ALL towed trailers over 2000kgs

brakeriteWhether towing your heavy loaded trailer, caravan or horse float down the Bulli Pass or down the Toowoomba Range you will want to feel safe and relaxed.
TITAN® Trailer Brakes will do that for you!
TITAN® Braking Systems gives the desired power for optimum braking control by utilising the latest high pressure hydraulic pumps and totally protected 12VDC motor.  The BrakeRite will easily operate single, tandem and triple axle hydraulic brake systems.  The BrakeRite has a larger more reliable motor/pump assembly that will maintain pressure for a longer period of time with less heat generation from a bigger 75cubic inch reservoir.  Longer time between brake fluid top-ups.  Less maintenance.

The pump and motor in the BrakeRite are mounted vertically to reduce stress in mounting bolts and to take weight off the armature shaft and bearings.
Only BrakeRite has super sized circuit components to prevent early burnout and offers a more reliable and longer life.  TWO diaphragm filler plugs that seals the brake fluid away from the moisture laden air.
With the full 1500psi needed to operate good safe hydraulic disc brakes and full brake fluid flow for rapid response, you know your TITAN® BrakeRite braking systems is behind you.
Exceeds Australian Design Rule 38/02


30% Faster Braking Response

30% Shorter Stopping Distance

30% Higher Brake Pressure


Wiring Diagram


Product Code: T1001EHB
Price: $1089.00